CCL offers numerous courses, both in English and Spanish, to meet the needs of your diocese, whether planning to require a certificate for your PreCana or to offer support for couples after childbirth or perimenopause.


Looking to bring NFP instruction into your diocese?  Considering Teacher Training? Check our section below!

NFP Course - CCL Sympto Thermal

Postpartum Class

Perimenopause Class

If you want to increase awareness in your diocese or support your NFP program,
take advantage of CCL promotional brochures, flyers, videos and seminars!

Download CCL's basic introduction to NFP that explains what NFP is, its benefits, and how to learn. Print this PDF and share it with other couples!.

As clergy, it's not necessary to know all the details, but understanding the fundamentals can help you better promote it to your couples. God's gift of fertility is amazing, and this talk will heighten your appreciation and enthusiasm for sharing it with your couples.

Does CCL offer Teacher Training?

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