Resources for hosting

 Moms group meeting


  • Sample Bulletin Announcements for Empower Moms group meeting

    "A mother daughter guide to fertility awareness is now here!  Mothers are in a special position to engage their daughters about the gift of their fertility.  Our Mother / Daughter Area lets you choose the resources you feel would be the best to communicate with your daughter about this important subject.  Interested in a preview? Come to a demonstration of the Mother Daughter Area resource at (location, time)"
    "Talking with your daughter about her cycles (and everything that comes with it) can be daunting. Moms may need more support before or after they start this process.  Who is better equipped to help moms than other moms? Come to a demonstration of the Mother Daughter Area, by the Couple to Couple League, to learn about a great, new resource to help you and your daughter learn about cycles and fertility.  Demonstration is for moms only on (Date, Time, Location). RSVP to ...." 



Use this flyer to invite moms to your Mother/Daughter Meeting


Give this flyer to moms who attended your meeting

so they can purchase the Mother/Daughter at a discount

Mother/Daughter Discussion Guide

  • A resource to help aid discussion between moms and for moms and daughters
  • Includes ideas to celebrate cycles and get ready for periods
  • Use in moms group or by mom/daughter pairs
  • Download and familiarize (see link below)


Moms Group Meeting Presentation Outline and Guide

  • Outline of presentation to demonstrate Mother Daughter Area to other moms
  • Suggestions for format
  • Download and familiarize (see link below)

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The Mother/Daughter Area supports young women to learn about their bodies and their cycles.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Chastity Education, then please see our affiliate partners.