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CCL's Self-paced NFP Course!


It combines a simple, effective and easy-to-learn method, with the most advanced technology and the experience of 50 years teaching couples around the world.

Learn the method that thousands of women use around the world to achieve or postpone their pregnancies.

What do you get when you buy the Art of NFP - Self-paced Course?

When you acquire the Art of Natural Family Planning Self-paced Course, from the Couple to Couple League, you will have the opportunity to learn about the science, morality and basis for the SympthoThermal Method.

  • Experts on their fields

    This course consists of  a series of videos where a priest, a physician and a certified teaching couple share information, morality, anecdotes and practice exercises.  You will learn how to observe, record and interpret your fertility signs.

  • Individualized consultation

    Once you start the course, a certified teacher, in your country, will contact you to respond to any questions and to provide any additional support you may need; this is available during and after the class is completed.

  • The latest technology

    Learn using the most modern technology in virtual education. You will also receive a complementary 6-months subscription to CycleProGo (Premium); our charting app. CPG will allow you to chart, interpret and share your chart if you want a second opinion about your observations.

  • Downlodable files

    Once you login to your course, you will be able to download your copy of ANFP- Student Guide Excerpts, CCL's chart and your CycleProGo subscription extension for a total of 6 month for free.

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