Interested in hosting a
Moms Group

The beauty of the Mother/Daughter Area is that the resources are ready when you and your daughter are, on your time, at your home!

However, we understand that talking with your daughter about her cycles (and everything that comes with it) can be daunting. Moms may need more support before or after they start this process. Who is better equipped to help moms than other moms?  


IF you and your daughter have already benefitted from the Mother Daughter Area and you would like to share this resource with other moms to empower them to speak to their daughters, then consider hosting a Moms group meeting.


The mom network is always a good source of helpful information.   



What is a M/D Mom's Group?

  • Invite other moms to a meeting where you can

    • share your experiences with the program
    • walk-through the resource and show the moms what is there
    • facilitate discussion using the Mother/Daughter Discussion Guide from the Area
    • answer any questions you can
  • Moms leave empowered to meet with their daughters to start the conversation. They will also receive a coupon code for a discount when purchasing the Mother/Daughter Program.


  • Consider a follow-up meeting with moms and daughters to

    • discuss what you have learned
    • share questions and help each other with answers
    • celebrate the gift of fertility awareness

    This event could be a Mother/Daughter tea or luncheon.